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Welcome to

                    “What’s Your Posture Number?”®

We developed the first posture analysis system to analyze digital posture images in 1994
and have never looked back. For over 20 years we have been the leader in posture analysis
software and correction strategies. Thinking about using a phone app for posture? Think
again. Use the right tools for the task at hand and you will never be disappointed.

We are committed to providing serious professional software to get the job done quickly
and accurately. We also have developed an entire line of marketing tools to help expand the
use of posture analysis in your area.

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VenturaDesigns, led by Dr. Joe Ventura, invented digital posture analysis in 1994. Since
then, virtually every posture software that followed came from an individual that was
either a customer or dealer for VenturaDesigns, or both.

Our list of unique features on the next page proves that Posture Pro still leads in innova-
tion. Often imitated, never equalled.
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