Laser Guided Screening System

Streamlined Spinal Screenings: Maximizing Efficiency and Patient Outreach

Implementing spinal screenings, whether conducted within your practice or at external locations, is a highly effective marketing strategy. Utilizing a forward head posture (FHP) screening method offers a quick and low-stress approach for both practitioners and participants. FHP, indicative of Vertical Spinal Loading, can lead to significant adverse effects over time, making early identification crucial. With the increasing incidence of "Tech Neck," this screening is applicable to a broad demographic, ranging from ages 10 to 70.

Dr. Joe Ventura, the innovator behind Posture Pro, has introduced a portable FHP screening solution designed for simplicity and efficiency. This system features a retractable grid with precise 1-inch squares and a cross-hair laser module on a foldable tripod.

During the screening, individuals stand before the grid while the laser's cross-hair targets the external auditory meatus (EAM) of the ear. After stepping away, the laser's position on the grid indicates the extent of forward head displacement, all within a swift 30-second procedure.

Identifying FHP early allows practitioners to recommend a comprehensive office examination, where a detailed posture assessment can uncover both specific and overall postural irregularities and assess vertical spinal stress. Price for complete system is only $495


Full Color Precision Retractable Banner Back-Drop

Cross-Hair Laser Module

Collapsible Tripod

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