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My personal experience with Surround the Dragon Relief Cream

       and TMJ Pain

       It is not very often that a product developer gets to use that product on his or hers own condi-
       tion. But that happened to me. At exactly the same time I was thinking about a relief cream to
       help those suffering from pain in the TMJ joint, I suffered my own TMJ incident.

       My wife made an incredible sandwich for me and I took a big bite. POP, and immediate pain
       in my left TMJ. Never happened before, but know I understood what TMJ patients experience.
       Pain, loss of movement, can’t bite down, ear pain, tooth pain, even loss of balance. I had them
       all. I tried two different pain creams hoping for some relief. Neither touched the symptoms. As
       you can see from the image, LOTS of nerves pass very near the TMJ and distribute all over the
       face. It’s understandable why injury and swelling in the TMJ can cause so many symptoms.
       But it’s the pain that is the motivator to seek help. And help can be very expensive, as much as

                                    Call it Fate, but I had just selected the formulation of the relief cream I
                                     was working on and the company was able to overnight a sample for
                                      my approval. Little did they know I had a product trial plan like no

                                        I liberally applied the product (not named yet) over the TMJ using a
                                         Magnetique Dual magnetic applicator. Remember the Mag applica-
                                          tor uses powerful magnets to drive the product deeper and more
                                          fully into the skin. I applied it again before bedtime. The next
                                         morning I thought it felt a little better but wasn’t quite sure, so I
                                         followed the same routine and applied the cream in the morning
                                        and again at night.

                                      By the second day I felt real relief and could open my mouth a bit
                             more. By the fifth day the pain was reduced by 95% and I could open my
                               mouth. But something extra special had also happened. My entire life I
                                 have had an exaggerated gag reflex, so bad I had to have gas just to get
                                 my teeth cleaned. As I had gotten older I could only brush my teeth for
       about 30 seconds before the gag reflex kicked in. Well guess what? After a few days I noticed
       my gag reflex was less and I could brush longer. Now, after a lifelong hyper gag reflex I can
       brush my teeth until my arm gets tired!

       How did this happen. The best explanation is that the cream has calmed down the two cranial
       nerves that power the upper and lower gag reflex. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled to be out of
       pain and have a normal reflex. All from “Surrounding the Dragon” with the relief cream.

       Joseph Ventura D.C. Developer, and user, of Surround the Dragon Relief Cream.
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