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New Professional Grade Cream

            Infused with 1000 mg Hemp (CBD) Oil, and

   Bergamot, Frankincense, Peppermint and Copaiba Essential Oils

          Pain in traditional Chinese medicine has been referred to as “The Dragon”. For 2500 years,
          one of the most common acupuncture techniques, now used world-wide, is “Surround the
          Dragon”. The doctor finds the center of the patient’s pain and surrounds it with needles.

          Surround the Dragon perfectly describes the name and action of our Relief Cream. Locate
          the center of your pain and apply our Surround the Dragon Relief Cream to the area.

                                             Our star ingredient is CBD oil from organic American hemp,
                                             processed for the highest potency and purity. CBD oil has pain
                                             relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

                                             We next carefully selected our All-Star
                                             group of essential oils, each with their
                                             own pain
                                             relief properties and complimentary
                                             actions to the CBD oil.

                                             Surround the Dragon Relief Cream
                                             was developed by a leading pain
                                             control expert and acupuncturist. You
                                             cannot buy a better pain relief cream.

                                             But our system does not stop there.

     We also developed a Patent Pending method of delivering the
     cream more efficiently and deeper into the area of pain. The
     Magnetique Dual applicator. Using powerful magnets and q-tips,                Magnetique Dual (above)
     Magnetique Dual uses the diamagnetic properties of the cream to               Magnetique Quad (below)
     help repel the active products past the skin barrier. See web site
     for full details. Using the Dual, you can apply precise amounts of
     Surround the Dragon Relief Cream, reducing waste and keeping
     product off your hands.

     “In about five days, my 3 months of TMJ agony was OVER!”
     Check out the web site for full details.
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