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Posture Pro Now Measures Q-Angle



Q-Angle Measurement



The Quadriceps Angle (Q-Angle) is formed by a line drawn from the ASIS to the center of the kneecap, and a line drawn from the center of the knee cap to the Tibial tuberosity. The angle formed by the intersection of these two lines should be less than 20 degrees in men and 25 degrees in women. The higher value for women is due to a wider pelvic stance.


The Q-Angle best represents the proper alignment of the upper and lower leg. An abnormally high Q-Angle can cause stress on the entire kinetic chain of the lower extremity causing many conditions from low back pain to foot pain. The following are some problems that may cause an increased Q-Angle:


    Wide Hips (female runners)

    Knock Knees (genu valgum)

    Pronation of the feet

    Subluxating Patella

    High riding patella (     patella alta)

    Weak Vastus Medialis

 Of particular importance is the role excessive pronation of the foot plays in an increased Q-Angle, and how tracking of this angle can show the necessity and show the results of a custom foot orthotic.

 When the foot excessively pronates, the lower leg rotates inward; this rotation brings the kneecap along with it. This is what increases the Q-Angle. Recent studies have shown an immediate decrease in the Q-Angle after insertion of a custom, full-length foot orthotic. (Immediate changes in the quadriceps femoris angle after insertion of an orthotic device.


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  See Q-Angle Measurement In Action


Q-Angle Reports from Posture Pro


Posture Pro will print both a quick report, shown on the right, and a full detailed report, as part of an overall posture analysis.


When saved, a Q-Angle analysis can be compared to a previous exam, just like other Posture Pro reports.


The addition of the Q-Angle measurement represents a major advance in Posture Pro technology.

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