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Introducing the                                  In 1984 Dr. Thomas Wing, the father of modern microcurrent, published

                            iProbe                                 an article regarding resonance and interferential therapy using microcur-
                                                                   rent. Using the physics of beat frequencies, Wing crossed two different
            for the AXION micro5                                   but harmonic frequencies to produce four healing frequencies in the
                                                                   same area for quicker response time.

                                                           Wing used fixed electrodes because the weight of a single
                                                           hand held wand would be too heavy. That was 1986. Using
                                                           today’s 3D printing technology and materials, a two chan-
                                                           nel hand held probe, weighing only a few ounces has been
                                                           developed to be used with the AXION micro5.

                                                                                Using the new Heterodyne probes of the AXION micro5
                                                                                you can deliver FOUR healing frequencies simultaneously.
                                                                                Set one channel at .3Hz and the other channel at .9Hz and
                                                                                when the currents are crossed, you also get .6Hz and 1.2Hz
                                                                                beat currents created from the Heterodyne effect inside the
                                                                                body. These four frequencies of similar harmonics are all
                                                                                usable healing frequencies.
                                    .3HZ               1.2HZ
                                                                                The advantages of using probes versus pads has been
                                                                                long known. Now you can quadruple the healing frequen-
           .6HZ                                                                 cies in the same amount of time AND target the current.
                                                                                ONLY with the AXION micro5.
                                                                                The probe also features a Neodymium Rare Earth 13200
                                                                                Gauss magnet with North Polarity facing up.



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